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Giffin Custom Guitars 2

Walnut LH Standard
(Aug 2016)

Walnut LH Standard - frontWalnut LH Standard - backWalnut LH Standard - body view1 Walnut LH Standard - body backWalnut LH Standard - body view2Walnut LH Standard - body view3 Walnut LH Standard - head

Left-hand, neck-thru, Walnut Standard

      Here is a Standard with a bunch of odd features! Apart from being left-handed, it has a Walnut and Maple neck-thru construction - Walnut body sides and a figured Walnut crotch top.  The Ebony fingerboard has a 25 inch scale with a slightly modified version of my Abalone inlays. I added a nice little pearl Celtic knot on the heel cap. The whole guitar is bound in black celluloid with a white inner line.

 I've used Grover tuners and a TonePros bridge, and the pickups are Giffin custom PAFs.  All the hardware is a mix of black and gold.

    The finish on the guitar is my traditional oil & wax which always seems to work really well on Walnut - it really makes the grain glow on this one. 

  Walnut LH Standard - body view4
Walnut LH Standard - heel inlayWalnut LH Standard - body view5


  Standard Gold top      

    This Standard follows very traditional specifications - Honduras Mahogany body and neck, hard Maple top (one-piece), and a Rosewood fingerboard. The DiMarzio P90s are hard-mounted into the wood for ultimate tonal response, and the TonePros bridge allows for maximum sustain.

The back of the body is finished in Honey tint clear-gloss, and the front is a rich vintage gold.

 This guitar sounds absolutely "killer!"

  (available at Distinctive Guitars)     

Standard, Gold top

(Aug 2016)                                                                   
             Standard, Gold top - body view6
Standard, Gold top - body view7Standard, Gold top - body view8Standard, Gold top - body view9
Standard, Gold top - frontStandard, Gold top - backStandard, Gold top - body view1Standard, Gold top - body view2Standard, Gold top - body view3Standard, Gold top - body view4Standard, Gold top - body view5

Custom, Full-sized Hollow-body
(July 2016)

Custom Full-sized Hollow-body - body view1Custom Full-sized Hollow-body - body view2Custom Full-sized Hollow-body - body view3 Custom Full-sized Hollow-body - body view4Custom Full-sized Hollow-body - body view5
Custom Full-sized Hollow-body - detail pearl binding
Custom Full-sized Hollow-body - body view6, frontCustom Full-sized Hollow-body - body view6, backCustom Full-sized Hollow-body - frontCustom Full-sized Hollow-body - backCustom Full-sized Hollow-body - headCustom Full-sized Hollow-body - F-hole

Custom, full-sized hollow-body  

      This guitar is a bit of a departure from my regular models.  Built to my customer's very particular requirements, it features a 335 inspired body, but with a slight offset, made entirely of Black Limba.  It has a center block of laminated Swamp Ash and Spruce.  The front and back are hand-carved from solid wood, and the body sides are heat-formed from a 3-ply laminate of Black Limba and Maple.  The neck is Honduras Mahogany with a Macassar Ebony fingerboard.

    All of the binding is celluloid, black on the outside edges with white/black and Abalone on the inside.  This is the same on the neck and head.  The binding on the back of the body is plain black. 

    I've used a pair of Lollar Vintage P90s with chrome covers, a traditional style chrome trapeze tail piece to which I added a Macassar insert with an inlayed circle of Abalone. I also used a Hipshot aluminum Tune-O-Matic bridge, because this gave a lot more intonation ajustment than a traditional TOM bridge. The wiring is very traditional style 2 volumes and 2 tones and a 3-way selector. The tuning keys are Gotoh 510s.  The finish is a clear gloss on the body front and head stock face while the back of the body and neck is a transparent cherry red.

 (private custom order)


 T2, White Limba, Vintage tint       

    Here is a rather nice looking T2 with a White Limba body and neck and a Ziricote fingerboard. The pickguard and fingerboard binding are made from very colorful tortoise shell, and I also made the switch tip out of the same material.  The bridge is a TonePros AVT2, and for a change, I've used a set of Hipshot Ultralight tuners, all in gold as you can see.  The pickups on this guitar are a pair of my own P90s.
 A very good sounding guitar with a lot of visual character!

  (available at Willcutt Guitar Shoppe)     

T2, White Limba
(June 2016)                                                                   
T2, White Limba - body view4T2, White Limba - body view5T2, White Limba - body view6
T2, White Limba - frontT2, White Limba - backT2, White Limba - body view1T2, White Limba - body view2T2, White Limba - body view3T2, White Limba - fingerboard

12-string HB, Curly Redwood top
(May 2016)

12-string HB, Curly Redwood top - body view112-string HB, Curly Redwood top - body view212-string HB, Curly Redwood top - body view3 12-string HB, Curly Redwood top - body view412-string HB, Curly Redwood top - body view5

(private custom order)

12-string Hollow-body, Curly Redwood top

     There are some really nice pieces of wood on this guitar,  the orange stained "old growth" Redwood top has amazing depth of figure.  It's attached to a curly Maple hollow-body with a highly flamed curly Maple neck.  I've used Brazilian Rosewood for the fingerboard and head veneer, and the whole guitar is bound throughout with tortoise shell with a cream inner line.  The mounting rings for the Razor stacked humbucking pickups are made of the same tortoise shell as the binding. 

    The wiring has an over-ride push-pull control on the tone knob which activates the bridge pickup.  So, depending on the position of the 5-way selector, you can access all three pickups together and the neck and bridge pickup together - these are not combinations that you can normally get with a 5-way selector.

    I've used gold Gotoh tuners and a gold ABM 12-way bridge, and as you can see, the color of the whole guitar pays homage to a Gretsch 6120. 

 12-string HB, Curly Redwood top - body back12-string HB, Curly Redwood top - detail, binding12-string HB, Curly Redwood top - body view612-string HB, Curly Redwood top - front12-string HB, Curly Redwood top - back12-string HB, Curly Redwood top - head



     Brigand, Tiger-Eye burst      

    Here is a new Brigand with a very nice fiddle-back Maple top.  The body is a very old one-piece Mahogany slab that's been languishing in the work shop for many years, a very resonant and musical piece of wood.  The neck is also Mahogany with Maple laminates and an Indian Rosewood fingerboard.

   Pickups are Amalfitano Fullbuckers (I needn't tell you how good these are), and the tuners are Grover Rotomatics. On this guitar I've used one of Jason Schroeders excellent wraparound bridges which being aluminum, adds a nice sparkle to the overall sound.

   The finish on the back of the guitar is natural, clear gloss, while the front of the body has a Tiger-Eye stain with a dark burst edge.

  (Distinctive Guitar - sold)     

  Brigand, Tiger-Eye burst
(April 2016)                                
             Brigand, Tiger-Eye burst - body veiw5
Brigand, Tiger-Eye burst - headBrigand, Tiger-Eye burst - body veiw6
Brigand, Tiger-Eye burst - frontBrigand, Tiger-Eye burst - backBrigand, Tiger-Eye burst - body veiw1Brigand, Tiger-Eye burst - body veiw2Brigand, Tiger-Eye burst - body veiw3Brigand, Tiger-Eye burst - body veiw4

Valiantl, Tobacco burst, dark oiledl back
(March 2016)

Valiant, Tobacco burst - body view1Valiant, Tobacco burst - body view2 Valiant, Tobacco burst - body view3Valiant, Tobacco burst - body view4 Valiant, Tobacco burst - headValiant, Tobacco burst - neckValiant, Tobacco burst - frontValiant, Tobacco burst - back

Valiant,Tobacco burst, dark oiled back 

     This custom Valiant has a few unusual features - for starters, the body and neck are made of Port Orford Cedar which is a very good resonant wood (maybe I'll use some more of this.)  The Maple on the front is a piece of very old, hard, Eastern curly Maple.  The neck is laminated with Birds-eye Maple, the head-stock face is curly Maple with a finish matching the body, and the fingerboard is Brazilian Rosewood with Abalone dots placed in a pattern according to my customer's request.  I've also used a slightly different shape at the top of the head-stock.

    The pickup arrangement is a little unusual as well. It has three Lindy Fralin pickups, a standard PAF, an A6 Humbucker with a reversed magnet, and a P92 in the center position. These are wired via the three-way switch and a push/push control on the bass tone to enable any combination of the three. 

   I've used a Callaham Tune-O-Matic and stop-bar instead of my usual one-piece wrap-around bridge. 

   The Tobacco burst finish on the front is acrylic urethane, and the finish on the back of the body and neck is a dark Walnut oil&wax which gives the back an antique look and a wonderful smooth feel.

  (private cstom order)     


TT, Trans-white        

   My aim for this new TT was to capture a bit of the look of the original Fender Mary Kaye Strat.  It's got a Swamp Ash body, a Maple neck, all gold hardware and white plastic parts (yes, I know the Mary Kaye didn't have a rosewood board! :-).   

   The bridge is a traditional Tele with compensated saddles, and the tuners are Grover Rotomatics.  I've used Amalfitano pickups - a vintage P90 and a "Rocky" Tele bridge pickup, which needless to say sound great.  The body is finished in trans-white and the neck is finished in a clear vintage tint. 

  (available at Distinctive Guitars)     

  TT, Trans-white
(Febr 2016) 
             TT, Trans-white - body view5TT, Trans-white - neck joint
TT, Trans-white - body view6
TT, Trans-white - frontTT, Trans-white - backTT, Trans-white - body view2TT, Trans-white - body view3TT, Trans-white - body view4


 Standard Tiger-Eye Quilt top

Standard Tiger-Eye Quilt top -  body view1Standard Tiger-Eye Quilt top - heel decorationStandard Tiger-Eye Quilt top - head 
(Jan 2016)

Giffin Standard, Tiger-Eye Quilt top 

     Here is a Standard Solid body with a nice figured Quilted Maple top and a Tiger-Eye finish  which really brings out the grain.  The body is a one-piece Honduras Mahogany, and the neck is Honduras Mahogany with curly Maple laminates.  I used a rather unusual fingerboard material on this guitar - it's Cambodian Rosewood which is very hard wood and, I think, quite rare.  Cambodian RW has a lot of figure, with multi-colored stripes, and I felt that the fingerboard didn't need any inlays.

    I bound the whole guitar in old-stock Ivoroid/black/white celluloid material, and to continue the theme, I made a pair of Ivoroid pickup rings, and also used Ivoroid knobs.

   The guitar has a pair of Ian Anderson PAF humbucker which sound very traditional, not over-powerful, but very, very toneful.  The gold hardware is completed with a TonePros bridge and a set of Gotoh 510 tuners.

  (available at Willcutt Guitar Shoppe)     

Standard Tiger-Eye Quilt top- frontStandard Tiger-Eye Quilt top - backStandard Tiger-Eye Quilt top - body view2Standard Tiger-Eye Quilt top - body view3Standard Tiger-Eye Quilt top - body view4Standard Tiger-Eye Quilt top - body view5Standard Tiger-Eye Quilt top - body view6

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