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Giffin Custom Guitars 1                 and some "one-offs"

T-Deluxe, Special edition    New! 

    Here is a slightly unusual T-Deluxe. It has no binding on the body or headstock, but has a curly Maple binding on the Ziricote fingerboard.  The Maple front is a very colorful curly Quilt with no added color in the finish.  The body and neck are Honduras Mahogany which is stained with a dark Mahogany brown tint.

   I used a Schaller Hannes bridge, a set of Gotoh 510 tuners and a pair of Amalfitano Fullbuckers.  The hardware is a combination of black and gold which I think looks very classy. 

(available at Willcutt Guitar Shoppe)

T-Deluxe, Special edition

(Dec 2017)

T-Deluxe, Special edition - FB bindingT-Deluxe, Special edition - body view6T-Deluxe, Special edition - body view7T-Deluxe, Special edition - head
T-Deluxe, Special edition  - frontT-Deluxe, Special edition - backT-Deluxe, Special edition - body view1T-Deluxe, Special edition - body view2T-Deluxe, Special edition - body view3T-Deluxe, Special edition - body view4T-Deluxe, Special edition - body view5

Valiant Custom, Ice Tea burst

(private custom order)             (Nov 2017)

Valiant Custom, Ice tea / Amber burst 
This new Valiant has a very nice vintage-style curly Maple top.  It's a piece that's been in my wood collection for at least 25 years. It's mounted on a one-piece Honduras Mahogany body. I've used a very dark piece of Indian Rosewood for the fingerboard, and this has large pearl block inlays. 

    The tuners are a set of Hipshot Grip-locks which certainly prevent any string slippage, and the bridge is a Faber Wraparound.  The pickups on this guitar are Lollar Imperial humbuckers which are wired through a single volume and tone and a pickup selector which is on the upper bout of the body.  I don't usually do a pickguard on my Valiants, but this was a special request from my customer.   

    A classic looking and sounding guitar!

Valiant Custom, Ice Tea burst - body view1Valiant Custom, Ice Tea burst - body view2Valiant Custom, Ice tea burst - body view3Valiant Custom, Ice Tea burst - body view4Valiant Custom, Ice Tea burst - frontValiant Custom, Ice Tea burst - back 
Valiant Custom, Ice Tea burst - body view5Valiant Custom, Ice Tea burst - body view6Valiant Custom, Ice Tea burst - back view2
Valiant Custom, Ice tea burst - body view7


TT, Trans-white         

    Here is a new TT with an ultra-light, one-piece Swamp Ash body and a 3-piece curly Maple neck.  The fingerboard is Ziricote, and it has abalone dot markers.   

   The Tele bridge assembly is by Joe Barden, the tuners are Sperzel Solid Pro, and the guitar has a set of Rio Grande pickups.  I found this really nice piece of old stock tortoise shell material among my plastic stash - it looks really great, I wish there was more of this material available, but there isn't.

  The transwhite finish really sets this guitar off, and it sounds damn good too! 

(available at Distinctive Guitars)

TT, trans-white

(Nov 2017)

TT, trans-white - body view5TT, trans-white - body view6TT, trans-white - body view7

TT, trans-white - frontTT, trans-white - backTT, trans-white - body view1TT, trans-white - body view2TT, trans-white - body view3TT, trans-white - body view4

Standard, Walnut crotch top

 Standard, Walnut crutch top - frontStandard, Walnut crutch top - backStandard, Walnut crutch top - body view1Standard, Walnut crutch top - body view3Standard, Walnut crutch top - body view4Standard, Walnut crutch top - head

Standard, Walnut crotch top   
This Standard has a very dark and dramatic Walnut top.  (The pictures don't really do it justice).  The one-piece Mahogany body and Mahogany/Maple neck have been stained with a golden brown tint, and then the whole guitar is finished in a clear gloss.  I've used Ziricote for the fingerboard and head face and also the inlayed heel cap.

    The pickups on this guitar are Amalfitano Fullbuckers, and I used Hipshot Classic Open tuners, and a TonePros bridge. All hardware is gold plated as you can see from the pictures. Subtle but striking looking guitar! .


   Standard, Walnut crutch top - body view2Standard, Walnut crutch top - fingerboardStandard, Walnut crutch top - body view5Standard, Walnut crutch top - inlay heel capStandard, Walnut crutch top - body view6

    (available at Willcutt Guitars)                      (Oct 2017)


  Standard, Curly Redwood top  

    Redwood is not just a good tone wood, but as you can see from the pictures, it can be stunning to look at as well.   I've used a piece of very wild Black Limba for the body with a Black Limba and Maple neck.  The fingerboard on this guitar is Indian Rosewood with abalone line inlays, and the head face is Curly Redwood to match the front.  The binding is all cream celluloid. 

    The pickups are a pair of Arcane Ultratron humbuckers which have a very interesting sound midway between a Filtertron and a PAF.  The guitar has Grover tuners and a TonePros bridge.  The finish is clear gloss Urethane overall.  A classy sample of nature's best!

(available at Distinctive Guitars)

Standard, Curly Redwood top

(Oct 2017)

Standard, Curly Redwood top - body view4Standard, Curly Redwood top - body view5Standard, Curly Redwood top - neck jointStandard, Curly Redwood top - body view6Standard, Curly Redwood top - body view7
Standard, Curly Redwood top - frontStandard, Curly Redwood top - backStandard, Curly Redwood top - body view1Standard, Curly Redwood top - body backStandard, Curly Redwood top - body view2Standard, Curly Redwood top - body view3Standard, Curly Redwood top - head

12-string Hollow-body, Curly Maple front and back

(available at Willcutt Guitar Shoppe)         (Sept 2017)

 12-string Hollow-body, Curly Maple - front12-string Hollow-body, Curly Maple - back12-string Hollow-body, Curly Maple - body view112-string Hollow-body, Curly Maple - body view212-string Hollow-body, Curly Maple - body view312-string Hollow-body, Curly Maple - body view412-string Hollow-body, Curly Maple - side
12-string Hollow-body, Curly Maple - body view5
12-string Hollow-body, Curly Maple - body back12-string Hollow-body, Curly Maple - heel12-string Hollow-body, Curly Maple - pickup rings12-string Hollow-body, Curly Maple - detail shot12-string Hollow-body, Curly Maple - head12-string Hollow-body, Curly Maple - heel cap

  12-string, Gretsch Orange       
   Here is my latest 12-string!  I really do like making these. The construction of this one is a bit different from my usual Hollow-body 12's.  The body is built around a core made from Oregon Myrtle. This is a very attractive, native wood with a very unique sheen.  The top and  back are made from two pieces of very curly Maple from the same board.  I bound both front and  back with tortoise shell and a white inner line.

    As a fairly rare departure from my normal routine, I've made this neck from a quarter-sawn, one-piece curly Maple block. For the fingerboard, I've used a very nice piece of Macassar Ebony which has Abalone line inlays and tortoise shell / white binding, like the body.  The head-stock is also Macassar Ebony with the same binding.

   I've used a set of Lace Hot Gold Sensor pickups and I've wired these using a 3-way selector switch that controls the bridge and neck pickups, and the middle pickup is on a separate blend control so it can be used in conjunction with the other two pickups.  This gives pickup combinations that you cannot get with a 5-way switch.

   The gold/black hardware includes a set of Hipshot Classic Open tuners, gold knobs and an ABM 12-way bridge.  The finish is a traditional 6120 orange gloss.
Hell of a guitar!


 Standard, Tiger-Eye flame top   

    This standard has a highly flamed Maple top, sometimes referred to as "tiger striped."  It seems fairly appropriate that the top is finished in a Tiger Eye burst.  The body is a nice light-weight one-piece Honduras Mahogany, and the neck is Honduras Mahogany and Maple laminate.  I've used Ziricote for the fingerboard and the head face, and cream celluloid binding for the whole guitar.

    The pickups on this guitar are Amalfitano Barrybuckers - these are PAF style but with shorter alnico magnets as were used in the early '60s PAFs and the first patent number humbuckers.  The tuners are Hipshot Classic Open style and the bridge is a Rez-O-Matic wraparound.  

  (available at Guitar Addict)     

Standard Tiger-Eye flame top

(Aug 2017)

Standard Tiger-Eye flame top - body view4Standard Tiger-Eye flame top - body view5Standard Tiger-Eye flame top - body view6Standard Tiger-Eye flame top - body view7
Standard Tiger-Eye flame top- frontStandard Tiger-Eye flame top - backStandard Tiger-Eye flame top - body view1Standard Tiger-Eye flame top - body view2Standard Tiger-Eye flame top - body backStandard Tiger-Eye flame top - body view3

  Standard Pearl White

(available at Willcutt Guitar Shoppe)         (July 2017)
 Standard Pearl White - frontStandard Pearl White - backStandard Pearl White - body view1Standard Pearl White - body view2Standard Pearl White - body view3 Standard Pearl White - body view4  Standard Pearl White - body view5

Standard, Pearl White
I've used some local North West woods for this new Standard.  The body is Port Orford Cedar with a Western Maple top, and the neck is also Port Orford Cedar with Eastern Hard-Rock Maple laminates.  POC is a very resonant wood which does lend itself very well  to musical instrument applications.

    The fingerboard is Macassar Ebony with Abalone line inlays, and the head-stock face is also Macassar.  I've bound the whole guitar with tortoise shell with a white inner line, and I also made pickup rings from the same material. The pickguard is Macassar Ebony as well, and it attaches to the guitar using two of the pickups ring mounting screws so there are no extra holes drilled into the front of the guitar.

    The pickups are Amalfitano Fullbuckers and the guitar has a TonePros bridge and Hipshot Classic open tuners.

 Standard Pearl White - body view6Standard Pearl White - neck jointStandard Pearl White - pickguardStandard Pearl White - detail frontStandard Pearl White - head


Brigand, Faded Tobacco burst   

    Here is a new Brigand with a very nice one-piece curly Maple top.  The two-piece Honduras Mahogany body is super light-weight with a lovely, silky ripple in the grain, and I've used some of the same Mahogany  to make the laminated neck.  The fingerboard and the head face are figured Ziricote, and the whole guitar is bound in cream celluloid.

   I've used a set of Grover tuners with a TonePros bridge and a set of Amalfitano Fullbuckers which really make this guitar sing.

(available at Distinctive Guitars)

Brigand, Faded Tobacco burst, Curly Maple top

(July 2017)

Brigand, Faded Tobacco burst - body view5Brigand, Faded Tobacco burst - body view6Brigand, Faded Tobacco burst - body view7Brigand, Faded Tobacco burst - fingerboard
Brigand, Faded Tobacco burst - frontBrigand, Faded Tobacco burst - backBrigand, Faded Tobacco burst - body view1Brigand, Faded Tobacco burst - body view2Brigand, Faded Tobacco burst - body view3Brigand, Faded Tobacco burst - body view4

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